Have you ever wondered what makes some keys look different from others? Well, there are two main types of keys: laser cut keys and regular cut keys. Let’s find out the difference between them in simple terms!

Laser Cut Keys:

Laser cut keys are made using a special machine that uses a laser to cut the key’s shape. This laser is very precise and can create complex designs on the key. The cuts made by the laser are very easy to use and accurate. Laser cut keys often have a shiny appearance and are found in newer cars.

Regular Cut Keys:

Regular cut keys, on the other hand, are made using traditional cutting methods. A key blank, which is a basic key shape, is placed in a cutting machine. The machine has different blades that cut the key’s pattern into the blank. Regular cut keys have a more basic design compared to laser cut keys. They are found in older cars and many everyday locks.

Key Differences:

Complexity: Laser cut keys have intricate and complex designs, while regular cut keys have simpler patterns.

Precision: Laser cut keys are cut with a laser, which ensures high precision and accuracy in their shape and design. Regular cut keys, although accurate, may have slightly rougher edges due to the cutting process.

Appearance: Laser cut keys often have a shiny, polished look, while regular cut keys may appear simpler and less polished.

Security: Laser cut keys are known for their higher level of security. The complex design makes them harder to duplicate, providing better protection against unauthorized key copying. Regular cut keys, while still secure, can be easier to duplicate.

Locksmith Honolulu is the first choice to handle innovative locks and key cutting issues. Locksmith is competent to deal with both lasers cut key and regular cut keys. Laser cut keys and regular cut keys have some notable differences. Laser cut keys are more complex, precise, and often found in newer cars. They offer enhanced security due to their intricate design. Regular cut keys, on the other hand, have simpler patterns, are commonly found in older cars, and are easier to duplicate. Understanding these differences can help you identify and appreciate the uniqueness of different types of keys.