Whether we own a home or live in a rental property, we face the same issue of home security. Our home and contents is our biggest asset and should be given the utmost protection. While we are all aware that insurance is imperative, there are certain things expected of us by the insurance company. If we don’t take the time to secure our properties properly, we can’t expect to be paid out for any losses incurred by criminals breaking into our homes. There are many items that although covered by insurance can never be replaced. Family heirlooms, photos, and sentimental keepsakes that have been handed down through generations are precious. Therefore it is vital to give our homes the best protection we can. This means good-quality locks and keys. Many modern homes not only have door locks fitted but window locks as well. Choosing a locksmith in Scarborough is a very sensible idea when it comes to intact security.

For those who are renting a property, locks, and keys are still a high priority. While the definite residence is insured by the owner, their personal possessions are not. If the home is rented through property management, the agent will make sure that they are given keys to all the entry doors, garages, and any other area that has a lock involved. When a couple is renting premises, there are typically two of each key for at least the entry doors. If there are adult kids as well, spare keys can be obtained from locksmith Scarborough, at the expense of the lessee. Always make sure the family makes a habit of locking up when leaving and arriving at the residence. This makes it harder for others to break in and steal, or damage the residence. With home assaults becoming progressively violent today, we need to do all we can to protect our families as well.

With the need for security at an all-time high, property managers are well conscious of the importance of clients being issued with locks and keys. This is not only security for the clients renting the home, but for the residence owners as well. Insurance covers damage, but premiums can be increased after claims have been made. Security measures can avoid this happening.